Our main business lines:

Natural Gas Trade:

While supplying gas for our operations with short and long term gas contracts, we buy/sell natural gas in the OTSP (Organized Natural Gas Wholesale Market) and OTC markets and create additional value.

Natural Gas Supply to Enerjisa Üretim Power Plants:

We provide short- and long-term natural gas supply from alternative resources to natural gas power plants with an annual consumption of 2 billion Sm3 and carry out effective and efficient natural gas portfolio management.

Gas Supply to Eligible Consumers:

We supply natural gas to end consumers with Eligible Consumer status determined by EMRA, at predictable prices as an alternative to the Botaş tariff.

Gas Supply to Power Plants:

We supply gas to gas power plants other than Enerjisa Üretim power plants and contribute to the formation of an efficient gas market.

EPİAŞ OTSP Market Access Services:

We provide market access services to EPİAŞ OTSP natural gas exchange for our power plants and customers. Thus, we increase the volume of the market and contribute to a better natural market.


We trade products such as Gasoil and Fuel Oil, which are the pricing basis of the Turkish Gas Market, and we protect our company and our customers against the risks related to the relevant commodities prices.