Strategic Priorities | Enerjisa Üretim

Strategic Priorities

Operational Excellence

  • Hydro Excellence
  • Higher availability, higher efficiency and better reporting of performance
  • Review of maintenance strategies for the entire portfolio
  • Availability and reliability of Tufanbeyli
  • Improvements of Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Performance monitoring / predictive maintenance
  • Improving remote operation through Senkron system
  • From Generation to Results
  • Opportunity Cost

Porfolio Optimization

  • Making wind and hybrid solar investments
  • Utilizing merger and acquisition opportunities

Commercial Optimization

  • Converting kWh to highest profitability
  • Achieving the highest value from our power plants in the short, medium and long term while optimizing resources
  • Protecting asset values by managing the risks that may affect the income-expenses of our power plants

Growth in Trade

  • Maintaining the leadership in electricity trade
  • Becoming a regional gas and electricity trading company in South East Europe
  • Achieving the position of the leading gas trading company in the market
  • Providing electricity, gas and carbon solutions for sophisticated customers
  • Providing commercial services to Medium-Small Scale Electricity Generators

Capital Optimization

  • Optimal financial leverage
  • Operational capital management
  • + internal process improvements


  • Digital Capability
  • Business unit digitalization with the appropriate technology balance
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Advanced digital workplace applications with mobile experience
  • Developing user collaboration
  • Increasing the use of cloud and edge computing for data analytics and high-performance data processing
  • Remote support capabilities (eg mixed reality glasses)

People & Culture

  • Continuous learning with Spektrum & Leadership Development
  • Work-Life Balance and Health & Wellbeing
  • Collaboration culture and effective communication network
  • Open door policy and effective feedback culture
  • Sustainability
  • Occupational health and Safety
  • Process and dam safety
  • Voluntary participation in environmental and social awareness and social responsibility activities
  • Legal compliance
  • Agile approach and lean organization