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Energy Generation Strategy

Rüzgar Gülü

58% domestic and renewable portfolio

Rüzgar Gülü

12 Hydroelectric Power Plants

1,353 MW total installed capacity

Rüzgar Gülü

8 Wind Power Plants

397 MW total installed capacity

Rüzgar Gülü

2 Solar Power Plants

9 MW total installed capacity

Our Energy Generation Strategy

As Turkey's pioneer and leading private sector generator, our installed capacity of approximately 3792 megawatts consists of 43% natural gas, 37% hydroelectric, 12% domestic lignite, 8% wind and solar power plants. Our share in Turkey’s installed capacity has increased to 4%, and our market share among active private sector players in the free market has increased to 5%.

In terms of generation, we consider the energy requirements of our country, and focus on the utilization of domestic and renewable energy resources. In 2022, we put into operation our Erciyes Wind Power Plant which has an installed capacity of 65 MW. We have the goal to put into operation 150 MW hybrid solar power plants by the end of 2024. Our goal is to gradually complete our 1000 MW capacity YEKA-2 project investments by the first quarter of 2026. We have the goal to increase our investments here and their share in total energy generation as well as reaching an installed capacity of 5,000 MW.

We will direct our investments to flexible and high-efficiency generation units and to expand the utilization of renewable energy resources potential in the following period.