Electricity Trade-Turkey

Wholesale Electricity Trade: With our experienced staff and detailed analysis in the over-the-counter and VIOP markets, we assume the role of the playmaker of the market, we produce high value while meeting the needs of market players. We contribute to the formation of market liquidity by keeping buy/sell quotes in all markets at all times.

Electricity Trade-Europe

Our company, which has been importing and exporting electricity with neighboring countries for many years, continues its trade with countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary. With the increasing trade volume and knowledge, we decided to take the import/export operations one step further and Established Enerjisa Europe, which will operate in Euro zone. Together with Enerjisa Europe, we started active trade on platforms such as IBEX, SEPEX, HUPX, EEX and started cross-border trade.

Customer Complaints Contact: [email protected]

In accordance with EMRA's requisition dated 26.09.2018 and numbered 47818 on "Notification Regarding Complaints Received by Suppliers" and within the scope of our Company's obligation to notify, we hereby inform you that there were no notifications sent to us by our electricity customers in March 2024.