Natural Gas

Installed Capacity

936 MW

Year of Commissioning


Bandırma Combined Cycle Power Plant, which we commissioned in 2010, is located in Bandırma, Balıkesir. The power plant, with an installed capacity of 936 MW, has two gas turbines with a capacity of 304.29 MW each, two heat recovery steam generators with a steam capacity of 500 tons/hour and a steam turbine with a capacity of 327.6 MW. The power plant is positioned close to the Marmara Sea and 54,000 m3/hour of sea water is used for cooling. The connection of the power plant to the national grid is carried out over the 380 kV switchgear via the “Bursa NGCCPP” and “Karabiga” HV lines. Additionally, as of July 2014, a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 3.45 MW was commissioned to meet the internal needs of the natural gas power plant. The annual average energy generation capacity of our power plant is 7.9 TWh.



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Power Plants

Power Plant Location Installed Capacity Year of Commissioning
Arkun Dam and HEPP Artvin 245 MW 2014
Çambaşı HEPP Trabzon 44,1 MW 2013
Dağdelen HEPP Kahramanmaraş 8 MW 2013
Doğançay HEPP Adana 62 MW 2017
Hacınınoğlu HEPP Kahramanmaraş 142 MW 2011
Kandil HEPP Kahramanmaraş 208 MW 2013
Kavşak Bendi HEPP Adana 191 MW 2013
Köprü HEPP Adana 156 MW 2013
Kuşaklı HEPP Adana 20 MW 2013
Menge HEPP Adana 89 MW 2011
Sarıgüzel HEPP Kahramanmaraş 103 MW 2013
Yamanlı II HEPP Adana 82 MW 2015
Balıkesir WPP Balıkesir 143 MW 2012
Çanakkale WPP Çanakkale 29,9 MW 2011
Dağpazarı WPP Mersin 39 MW 2012
Bandırma SPP Balıkesir 2 MW 2017
Karabük SPP Karabük 7 MW 2017
Bandırma I NGCCPP Balıkesir 936 MW 2010
Bandırma II NGCCPP Balıkesir 607 MW 2016
Kentsa NGCCPP İzmit 40 MW 1997
Tufanbeyli Lignite Power Plant Adana 450 MW 2016