For the sustainable future of Enerjisa Üretim, we have an Organizational Success Plan process, which we abbreviated as OSP. In this process,

  • Organizational structure is reviewed,
  • Career plans are made for each employee at expert and higher levels and potential codes are set,
  • Succession plans are prepared for managerial/critical positions.

(In the HR Portal, a potential assessment form is filled in for each employee by their managers, proposals are made for the succession plan, and the development areas of the employees are identified.)


In order to create a high-performing organizational culture and to achieve our business goals, the key objective is to set individual goals in line with company goals.

The outputs of the performance process provide input to other human resources processes such as the bonus system and career management.

The Performance Management Process basically consists of goal setting, continuous performance and year-end evaluation.

At all stages, the HR portal is used for the management of the process and system entries, and the relevant guidance is shared by HR.

We have a performance management approach that is transparent, collaborative, flexible, open and fostered by continuous feedback. Performance reviews are made every year with the target cards defined for the individuals. All employees can define their goals and update their status them with check-ins they make throughout the year and can obtain objective assessments about their performance on the tasks they work on by requesting/receiving specific feedback from their teammates, managers or collaborators. At the evaluation to be made at the end of the year, the performance of the entire year is reviewed and the process is completed.

Power MBA

Power MBA provides people who want to pursue their career in the field of energy a substantial development opportunity in terms of getting to know the fields of expertise and developing a professional leadership perspective.

In line with our human-oriented employee experience approach, the program we started with the Sabancı University Executive Development Unit offers comprehensive content from energy markets to generation technologies, from strategy and finance to data analytics and the future of energy.

While the participants attain a robust perspective on the energy industry, they also have the opportunity to hear different perspectives from experts in their fields.