Digitalization | Enerjisa Üretim


As an energy generation company that has adopted operational excellence as its motto, we are aware that there is no disruptive innovation in the energy industry yet, and with this awareness, we named our vision as "Digital Enerjisa Üretim". We adopt this vision as a pole star and strive to be an organization that is constantly changing within the frame of its orientation and purpose and that can define a new "Digital Enerjisa Üretim".

As Enerjisa Üretim, we take firm steps towards becoming an organization that has put data analytics at the center of its structure, has become a global benchmark in adapting new technologies and trends to the company, uses big data processing and cloud platforms in an active and accurate balance, has adopted IT/OT concepts, is able to operate in harmony and create value from it, has embraced innovation and a mature startup incubation culture, that produces technology rather than consuming it.


It is obvious that an organization that has to manage serious and frequent changes needs to get rid of conventional management methodologies and employ agile approaches. In line with our vision and with the motto "the agile survive", we have adopted a structure that can quickly adapt to changing conditions and provide immediate solutions to needs, taking the agility of nature as an instance. At this point, being flexible and able to change, not accepting the status quo, questioning, having an entrepreneurial spirit, working with a culture of trial-and-error, believing in competence rather than hierarchies, capturing the big picture and the meaning became our core values.


Digitalization, which is the basis of our vision, brings along the concept of sustainability. IT systems contribute significantly to the sustainability and continuity of the business world and will continue to do so. In order to create benefits in terms of continuity, first of all, its own continuity must be complete, smoothand resilient. Being able to proactively monitor the status, trends and recurring problem patterns of infrastructures also paves the way for the detection and analysis of unnamed potential problems before they become chronic. Acting on this fact, we have set up our infrastructure for 24/7 monitoring of our systems, generating alerts according to the criticality level, and operating the essential escalation mechanisms.

Data & Sharing & Stakeholders

We are aware that real data is hard to find, and we care about supporting studies. At this point, we support the utilization of the requested data sets by our stakeholders and visitors of our site, only under certain security measures and registration, if requested for use in academic studies and projects.

We collect data on a very large scale and in different structures from hundreds of thousands of points in our power plants with different technologies. We fulfill our mission of generating energy for a safer future by applying digital trends such as business intelligence, reporting, graphical interfaces (BI & Data Mashup), artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to interpret collected data and design decision support mechanisms that use them.

We proactively prevent possible risks and malfunctions via computing and warning mechanisms (edge computing) we set up where we collect the data. As an example, in our Co-Pilot project, situational monitoring was provided by receiving instantaneous generation data, with complex computing and analysis of limit values. With this project, a significant increase in efficiency has been achieved, and the adaptation of new recruits to business processes has been accelerated.

“With Co-Pilot, where we analyze the efficiency and start-up of our thermal power plants, we perform our daily checks faster. Instead of following 12 different hydroelectric power plants separately from different interfaces, we monitor them in a single environment and on a common alarm page by means of Co-Pilot. Thus, we take early action and endeavor to prevent malfunctions that may occur in our power plants.”

Emin ŞAHİN – Power Plants Performance Monitoring and Development Team Manager

Senkron Central Operation Room

Efficiency is one of the most critical factors for us. We utilize technology and especially mobile solutions as an opportunity in every aspect of our business lines in order to minimize non-value-added processes. Senkron is one of the best examples of the realization of our goals of digitalization and pursuit of excellence.

We carry out the remote operation of our 12 hydroelectric power plants, and we monitor the processes of our wind, solar and thermal power plants through the Central Operations Room Senkron established in Istanbul Ataşehir Head Office. In a short time, we will also operate all our wind power plants from Senkron. By the virtue of Senkron, we have achieved a first in Turkey by combining our entire portfolio spread all over Turkey under one roof.

“With the IT infrastructure architecture built, we are able to monitor our power plant operations 24/7 uninterruptedly, and perform remote control with minimal impact on power plant systems.”

Mehmet Salih Özgür - Central Operations Control, Monitoring and Development Manager

PPM (Power Plant Management)

We strive to simplify all operational processes in our business and optimization activities with our modular, flexible and user-friendly products that we developed with our own resources. Via the robotic solutions brought by the PPM application, where we manage all energy operation processes from a single platform, we keep the security of supply at the maximum level at our power plants and Senkron and minimize the operation.

"With PPM, we increased the operational efficiency of Enerjisa Üretim power plants and deduplicated the data on a centralized platform. The application contributes to boost our coordination with the Asset Management and Generation Planning teams, to the effective control of the imbalance in the intraday market, and to our accurate and timely data sharing with DSI and TEIAS.’’

Alper Serçe - Hydroelectric Power Plants & Technical Support Director


Through our CPRO and PERA applications, we optimize our power plants with smart algorithms for long and short terms, and we perform our transactions in the spot energy markets easily and accurately.

“With CPRO, we are able to perform all market processes of our Enerjisa Üretim power plants from a single point in a reliable, controlled and fast way, using advanced computing and advanced data analytics models.”

Levent Duran –Day Ahead Planning and Intraday Market Senior Manager

“Thanks to PERA, which we have implemented in order to manage our portfolio of different technologies in the most profitable manner, we model our power plants in the most realistic way, and we are able to minimize the errors that may occur by means of its user-friendly interface and to create a digital memory through its versioning capability.”

Egemen Yamankurt – Strategy and Portfolio Management Director

With our VEGA application, which is unique on a global scale, we carry out our energy and associated trade operations in domestic and international, spot and futures markets, and perform our operational processes and risk management.

Hololens 2 Employment

In an age where digital solutions shape our business life, we, as Enerjisa Üretim, support our operations with innovative solutions. The virtual reality-based Microsoft Hololens project is another solution we employ in terms of efficiency. Our employees can connect to anybody they want, within the limits of occupational health and safety and regardless of location, they can work comfortably in the field and receive remote support. In emergencies, we have become able to quickly get the opinion of an expert in a remote location, and we have eliminated our latency times for a solution. This solution has created a new digital business area for us as well as the efficiency it provides. We have been able to use the extensive expertise we have developed in five different technologies to support other companies operating in our industry.

“When we were first informed that we would deploy Microsoft Hololens 2, we were very keen about it. During a short power plant downtime, with Hololens 2, we made a connection with various experts from abroad at the 30 meter elevation of the boiler without any interruption, with the guidance of real images and holograms, and we increased the quality of our operation and eliminated the distances by the virtue of technology.”

Halit Emiroğlu – Thermal Power Plants Maintenance Planning Manager


Occupational Health and Safety

We prioritize digital and mobile solutions that create value in Occupational Health and Safety, where we always employ our "OHS At All Times" perspective. We offer our digital solutions to users on mobile platforms in order to report all kinds of findings that pose risks in terms of OHS and to encourage the necessary actions to be taken and improvements to be made afterwards.

With Trio Mobil, which we have commissioned with the support of our ecosystem, theinteraction between people during the working period in the field can be tracked, and we can determine which people may be at risk, especially during the Covid-19 period. In addition to the contact analysis, if people are at risk while working, they can activate the emergency button and send an emergency signal to the place they work.

Thanks to the integration of the Ministry of Health services into our card pass system, we have ensured that our employees, whose HES code turns red, are automatically prevented from passing through the enterence.