Balance Responsible Group (BRG):

Our company, which has one of Turkey's largest and highly synergistic groups responsible for the balance, gains high total benefit by sharing the synergy created by the coming together of different electricity companies with its participants.

Market Access:

It acts as a bridge for players who do not have access to certain markets for some reasons to reach the markets safely.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA):

It helps business partners manage their risks by purchasing the output of the generation of renewable power plants (wind, solar and hydro power plants) with variable generation quantities at fixed prices. With the PPA you will hold with our company, we will be offering you the following services:

i. Long-term fixed income advantage

ii. An agreement with a reliable and large stakeholder that you will use in your investments

iii. Minimizing market risk

iv. Flexible terms tailored to your needs

Power Plant Management:

It creates maximum value by taking over all operations (generation, maintenance, etc.) of renewable power plants.