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Customer and Green Market Solutions

1- Customer Solutions: Electricity

By assuming the electricity supply responsibility of our customers, we create and manage a portfolio in line with the limits and requirements set by the market regulatory authorities. We customize all the products traded by the Electricity Trading team to our customers, providing them with unlimited flexibility in electricity costs. In line with our goal of digitalization, we provide our customers with platforms where they can easily access the information they need.

2-Customer Solutions: Natural Gas

In coordination with our Natural Gas Trading team, we offer our customers gas supply options with periodic fixed price or variable price. We offer gas and electricity as bundle products when necessary, ensuring that consumers meet their needs for solutions in all aspects of "energy".

3- Customer Solutions: Green Solutions

The increasing emphasis on “green” solutions in the international arena and particularly in the European region is leading renewable energy to be an emerging business line. Increasing numbers of industrialists are emphasizing the need for voluntary carbon offsets to export to developed economies.

We ensure that the electricity generated in our renewable power plants is certified by the most common and most prestigious voluntary certification programs in the world. We supply and trade these certificates to be used in the environmental awareness and sustainability reports of our customers. We add value to our customers by offering diverse solutions, in line with their preferences, arising merely from their electricity consumption or reducing their entire carbon footprint (from production, logistics, etc.).