Business Continuity Policy

Enerjisa Uretim accepts that Business Continuity Management is critical for its employees, customers, suppliers and all stakeholders, and it is a part of our responsible and accountable management approach.

Business Continuity Management System -not limited to items stated in this document- aims to cover all business interruption risks that may have impact on health and safety, power generation, optimization, trading, company reputation and financial activities.

Enerjisa Uretim aims to establish necessary infrastructure and operational processes in order to sustain business continuity in case of an extraordinary situation or business interruption on any of our key processes.

Enerjisa Uretim maintains its Business Continuity Management efforts in accordance with the following principles:

  • Just like any other case, health, safety and security of every employee is of the utmost priority in cases of natural disasters or emergencies.
  • Builds the Business Continuity Vision on the spirit of innovation and operational excellence in order to contribute to the entire ecosystem within the framework of the approach of “Producing Energy for a Better Future by Respecting of Life”. Defines systems and processes to cover all stakeholders.
  • Expects all our stakeholders to comply with law and other legislations in terms of business continuity.
  • By using risk assessments of critical services, processes and assets and taking preventive and protective actions, Enerjisa Uretim aims to avoid disasters where possible.
  • Prepares Business Continuity Management plans, processes and applications in order to recover critical services, processes within acceptable periods in accordance with Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment results.
  • Organizes regular trainings and exercises to raise awareness level of the organization.
  • Conducts audits and drills for continuous improvement and effectiveness.
  • Declares to continuously improve its Business Continuity Management capability in accordance with global standards.
  • Aims to protect the brand value of the company by implementing strong Business Continuity applications.