Enerjisa Üretim Academy

  • We design learning and development products to enhance behavioral, professional and leadership competencies within the scope of our strategic goals and in line with the needs of our employees.
  • In addition to face-to-face options, Enerjisa Üretim's online training platform, the E-Development portal, offers innovative and rich training content including E-Orientation, Technical Training, Information Technology Training, Mandatory Training and Managerial Competency Training.
  • The technical information needs of each of our power plants are identified according to their particular dynamics. Accordingly, an annual training program including technical training is prepared and announced to our employees.

Support Programs

As Enerjisa Üretim, we provide our employees with support on graduate and doctorate studies, coaching, and foreign language training.

Young Ideas

Young employees under the age of 30 share their ideas with the management team, within the frame of the Young Ideas program, which was implemented to support the new generation to better understand their perspectives, work together and learn from each other. Young Ideas Volunteers are integrated with decision-making processes on “issues that touch people”, they participate in Enerjisa Üretim Leadership Team meetings, participate in the Reverse Mentoring program with the Leadership Team, and implement the developed projects with the support of senior management.


This program, which aims to enhance 6 leadership styles, namely Commanding, Visionary, Affiliative, Engaging, Excellence Focused, and Coaching, and which is prepared by blending classroom training with digital content, focuses on the leadership development of our mid level managers.

Leadership 101

This program, which aims to improve the leadership skills of our newly appointed managers, consists of Situational Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence, Relationship and Team Management, Flexible Use of Leadership Styles, Guiding and Leading, Strengthening Delegation and Change Management modules.


This program, which aims to support the professional development of our engineers and supervisors who manage teams, bolsters our collaborative working culture within the framework of our principles, ways of doing business and competence model. It includes modules such as Feedback, Building Collaboration, Resilience, Creating Vision and Purpose, Searching for the New and Better, and Effective Communication-Presentation Techniques.