Mechanical Maintenance Engineer (Refractory)

We are looking for a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer (Refractory) to join our Mechanical Maintenance team in Tufanbeyli!

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We produce energy for a better future by respecting life.

We aim for operational excellence with our power plants located all over Turkey and our portfolio consisting of 58% renewable energy sources; we produce energy for the future in a flexible, efficient and sustainable line.

As the leading player in the energy trade, we aim to create value for our shareholders by optimizing our diversified production portfolio and for our business partners with our structured products.


  • Graduate or have a master's degree from the Mechanical/Material and Metallurgy departments of universities
  • Minimum 3 years of refractory experience in the cement, iron and steel, thermal power plant and refinery industry.
  • Good technical understanding of Refractory Engineering and Maintenance, routines and best practices to appropriately treat quantified risk, and optimize lifetime, implement best practices to deliver continuous improvement in plant reliability, availability and efficiency whilst minimizing cost.
  • Control and maintain best-in-class performance Engineering and Maintenance practice, deep knowledge and understanding of all plant areas’ multi-discipline fields, especially Refractory Solutions and technology, Boiler, Cyclone.
  • Proficient in chemical and water-based concrete, casting-ramming-gunning concrete application methods, refractory brick applications.
  • Contributing to an excellent operation including technical, environmental, regulatory, ethics, working climate, subcontractors, and contracts.
  • Project manage, control and organize work; establish priorities; anticipate resources needed and allocate resources when planning the work of others, and be flexible in a changing business environment. Develop and actively manage sourcing plan, and vendor evaluation assessments.
  • Manage implementation of effective and economical engineering and maintenance methods and techniques and identify technology changes which can be implemented to advance the running business. Ensure that a proper root cause analysis culture is developed at site.
  • Develop and implement methods and procedures for monitoring and appropriate action to maintain asset registers and the defined integrated Asset Management systems such as SAP
  • Deliver compliant Engineering and Maintenance with all laws, regulations, license conditions, contract, agreements related to the Business. Ensure all contractors’ staff proactively maintain compliance with such requirements.
  • Professional user level skills in computing, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office (proficiency in MS Excel is preferable), PowerBI and user level skills in SAP, OSIsoft PI and other business applications.
  • Experience of developing process safety


  • Promote and control a safety working environment, Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment, behavioural safety assurance throughout the business by strictly managing the rules and procedures, ensure that all personnel use PPEs in the proper manner and undergo regular training and team briefings.
  • Provide risk oversight, benchmarks with competitive practices and business models, professional capability to analyse, produce standard reports and disseminate plant data and KPIs.
  • The knowledge and experience to determine the scope, prepare a maintanence plan, prepare technical provisions, and make thermal and static calculations according to the materials to be used.
  • Supervise, lead, assign and coordinate the work of subordinates, collaborate, identify their training needs and coordinate with the relevant functions these trainings to improve their performance. Ensure Contractors management complete the required induction/introductions to the site complex.
  • Create environment of highly empowered, self-directed and competent Engineering and Maintenance Team in cooperation with Contractors staff groups to assure compliant, sustained excellence in Engineering and Maintenance areas, and EHS performance through proactive, cross function, exchanges/dialogue, and the applications of lessons learned.
  • Encourage team to communicate, and actively lead performance initiatives & take personal accountability to meet deadlines in a challenging business environment.
  • Awareness of technological change impacting the industry, in terms of improvement of asset performance, refurbishment, life assessment, and asset lifetime extension and re-planting.

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