Çevre ve Toplum

Renewable Energy

We’re maintaining our activities in a diversified manner in terms of resources and based on an efficient and competitive generation portfolio.

Renewable energy sources have also great importance in terms of ensuring energy security of Turkey and reducing the current deficit. Under this context, total capacity of our hydro and wind power plants in operation has reached around 1,600 MW. This makes us one of the greatest private sector investors in Turkey.

Improving our renewable energy generation further is among our primary goals in the company. We are maintaining our operations regarding investing on hydro, wind, solar and other areas. In this context, we maintain our project development activities as a pioneering company in solar based electric generation which is newly being developed in Turkey. We’re rapidly increasing our generation investments with licensed Muş and other projects.

Çevre ve Toplum

Carbon Reduction Projects

Under the scope of Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard, accepted among the most reliable standards on international platforms in certification of carbon reduction credits, we developed our Hydro Electric Power Plants in Çanakkale, Balıkesir and Dağpazarı Wind Energy Power Plants and Menge, Sarıgüzel, Kandil, Yamanlı II, Doğançay, Kavşakbendi, Dağdelen and Kuşaklı Hydro Electric Power Plants as carbon reduction projects.

Tapping into our carbon reduction projects, we’re able to reduce around 1.7 million tons of carbon emission per year. During the certification of carbon reduction processes, the contribution of these projectsto the sustainable growth of the location of residence is evaluated in terms of contribution to the local economy and community as well, not only the carbon reduction they provide. From this aspect, our projects are also assessed and certified in terms of their contributions to the region they’re in and theenvironment, not only in terms of the carbon reduction they provide.