We attach importance to our human resources investments in line with our vision to add value to Turkey with the most competent human resources; we develop competitive practices which enable us to make a difference as an employer brand that supports the continuous development of our employees in all aspects.

In this respect, we aim to provide a pleasant and valuable business environment where we sustain our common culture and values with our employees.


We provide our employees the opportunity to develop in different areas by offering them diversified career paths via ROTA Career Planning program.

The program offers two different career paths for our employees as Managerial Path and Individual Contributer Path by considering their career expectations and the needs of our organization.

With this way, our employees can develop their expertise on individual contributer path and develop their team management capabilities by managing their own teams on the administrative path. As a result of the changing needs, there can be parallel changeovers between ROTA career paths.


In line with our Reward Management strategy, we aim to reward our high performance, contribution to business and capabilities of our employees, with a fair, transparent, flexible and competitive approach.

We support our employees and their families who contribute to our company's growth strategy with our Recognition & Appreciation & Reward System and Pay & Benefit Applications which differentiate high performance and success, and provide financial and social assurance for our employees.



We attach importance to the personal attributes of our new employees to be in compliance with our company values as much as their technical and behavioral qualifications required for the position. 

In this respect, during our recruitment process, we pay strict attention to ensure the selection of people with appropriate qualifications for the position and conformability to our corporate culture as well as considering the required competences and technical knowledge, while standing on our principles of equality at recruitment.

In line with these priorities, during our recruitment process, we make use of miscellaneous tools such as personality inventories, competency based interviews, foreign language proficiency tests, case study presentations, assessment center applications.


We consider it important to serve the community that we live in. We reach this power with the contribution of everyone from any age, any gender or any profession. That's why, we care about our internship program not only because it provides the opportunity to learn the business life for new generations, but because of the contribution we provide to our country.

We consider our young generation as the future of Turkey, and with our exclusive orientation program, we contribute to the individual and career development process of our interns.

We would like to welcome the young talents who consider the internship experience not only as a career step but also as part of their personal development process.

You may check our vacant positions through and Linkedin.