Quality Policy

In line with our corporate vision to be the energy generation company that will direct the future of the sector, we target at implementing Total Quality Management successfully throughout generation and trade business units via;

  • Increasing the availability and performance of our plants in a continuous learning culture,
  • Continuously improving our processes, products and services by focusing on operational excellence and know-how generation,
  • Following up developments in the market and guiding the sector by considering legal, regulatory and applicable requirements,
  • Fostering a quality culture by encouraging excellence, participation, sharing and creativity amongst all Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri employees through training, development and effective communication,
  • Building trust – based sustainable relationships with our partners, shareholders and society.


Health & Safety and Environment Policy

As ENERJİSA ÜRETİM SANTRALLERİ A.Ş., paying attention to Health & Safety and Environmental issues and aiming to be one of pioneering energy companies in the industry and world; through our generation and trading activities we;

  • Adopt Health & Safety as a natural part of our business.
  • Aim at improving and sustaining our Health & Safety culture and Environmental awareness.
  • Adopt sustainable development and pollution prevention principles in accordance with Enerjisa’s context while performing our activities
  • Comply with our compliance obligations regarding to Health & Safety and Environment.
  • Having believed that any occupational accident or occupational illness is avoidable, identify all risks, which may deteriorate overall health of employees and take all necessary measures.
  • Periodically monitor and control our activities with regard to their environmental impacts.
  • Minimize waste production through waste reduction at source as possible and ensure that wastes are recycled, reused and disposed without causing any harm on environment.
  • Also considering the good practices in the industry and world, set measureable targets for Health & Safety and Environment, regularly review achievements attained, and continuously improve our performance and management systems in this field.
  • Ensure that our employees at all levels and our stakeholders participate in all activities with cooperation to improve Health & Safety and Environmental practices with the support of the Top Management.

We do not compromise on Health & Safety and Environment.

Information Security Management Policy

Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş. is committed to implement and maintain an Information Security Management System based on ISO 27001 Standard. The main objective of the system is to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information which is required for the continuity of daily operations, regulations and maintaining strategic competitive advantage.

To implement and operate this management system Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş.:

  • implements an Information Security risk management approach which is efficient and effective to eliminate or reduce risks affecting processes within the scope and allocate necessary resources to mitigate information security risks to an acceptable level.
  • conducts education and training activities regularly in order to make employees, contractors and business partners aware of their roles and responsibilities regarding Information Security.
  • provides business continuity for critical processes by developing and maintaining business continuity plans and systems.
  • takes appropriate actions to manage and prevent information security policy violations.
  • complies with and continuously seek to improve on all applicable information security related laws, electric market regulations, contractual obligations, industry standards and other related internal and external requirements.
  • continually improves Information Security Management System by setting security control objectives and performing regular audits and reviews.
  • ensures that all employees comply with Information Security Management System policy, procedures and controls. 

Enerjisa Uretim ENETİK Rules

At Enerjisa Üretim we have a culture that we meet the requirements of being responsible at every step, respectability and reliability.

We make a difference in the areas we operate in the light of our common values we proud to share and the common achievements these values offer us. 

To comply with this culture of Enerjisa; It is our common responsibility for our customers, our employees, our shareholders and before the community to protect our strong Enerjisa reputation. Enerjisa Code of Business Ethics is a compass of Enerjisa for making this culture sustainable. 

As Enerjisa Uretim, we are committed to these principles, which are based on our deeply rooted culture that brings us all together in a common ground, to be observed and implemented in all our activities. 

We share with you the ENETİK rules on attachment, which are an important guide for all of us.




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