Environment & Community

Çevre ve Toplum

An uncorrupted environment, sustainable community health and safety are for the benefit of all of us. As a neighbor in the region, Enerjisa Üretim Santralleri A.Ş. is committed to protect social fabric formed in hundreds of years in the region and also the environment which is the living space of locals as a duty. We conform to the environmental laws and regulations during our activities and we aim to meet the environmental standards at a higher level with regular reporting.

With our technology, management systems, social and economic values we create, we contribute to the development of our country as well as the regions that we’re performing our activities.

Çevre ve Toplum

Besides providing domestic resources for the economy, we’re sharing a common life with the locals living in the areas where we perform our activities. We’re breathing the same air, drinking the same water, consuming the same products; becoming a piece of the region as they are. Protecting the social and the environmental structure of the region is the shared goal of with all our employees, starting from the highest level of our executives.

We’re aware of our responsibilities towards our local stakeholders for a sustainable community; before anything else, our local stakeholders are our new and permanent neighbors that we approach with a culture of neighborhood which is a significant cultural value of these lands with top priority. Therefore, we aim to be a good neighbor wherever it goes and we are aware that it’ll contribute to forming a sustainable community, by sharing the land it steps on and the values it creates.

Çevre ve Toplum

Thus far, we have realized a lot of projects including small-scale infrastructure improvement operations with rapid outputs and large-scale socio-economic development activities where outputs can be seen in the long term.

Via all these activities;

  • We offered business opportunities with regular income and social security to the locals in the regions where we perform our activities, while improving their life conditions.
  • We provided these people a great opportunity to gain great professional experience and enabled finding jobs easier for people. Some of these people worked in familiar jobs for themselves, and for some of them, these jobs were completely new.
  • We contributed to the improvement and the acceleration of the local economy by meeting the certain needs of our employees such as food, transportation, accommodation collaborating with the local producers and tradespeople.
  • We improved the conditions of the locals within the region and we facilitated their access to the city center through the shared areas we renovated and the buildings and the roads that we improved.
  • We contributed to the improvement of life conditions of the locals for a healthier life by providing equipment and material support to improve the drinking water, tap water and irrigation water, which are the most basic needs of rural areas.
  • We developed new projects to enhance the current income resources of the locals in rural areas and we introduced means of income and helped them improve their living standards.
  • We organized various training activities about beekeeping, poultry, sewing/stitching, caning to reinforce the position of our women in rural areas and we encouraged them to perform economic activities to support the living of their families.