Çevre ve Toplum

School Renovations & Bag Donations

Our school renovation operations were performed through the deep commitment of our employees and have now become traditional. The project was initially launched in 15 schools in 2009, and it has now reached 154 schools. We carried out renovations and provided equipment support for the schools far from city centers, and those were restored or renovated since the day they had been built. Considering these, we aimed to create better conditions for the students at schools.

Çevre ve Toplum

In this project, defining the schools in need, following up of the alterations, definition of the suppliers, ensuring the controls, organization of the documents and all similar processes have been performed by the support of our employees. Every year, we carry out the distribution of school bags and folders containing stationary, cleaning and playing materials to the students. More than 65 thousand bags and stationaries have been distributed to elementary school students in Artvin, Adana, Kahramanmaraş, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, Mersin, Trabzon, Muş, Antalya and Siirt cities so far.

Çevre ve Toplum


Technician School

We’re training inexperienced but high-potential, curious and open-minded technician candidates. With this project, we’re bringing skilled workforce to energy sector through the Technician School Project that we’ve initiated in 2012.

We’ve received almost 9.000 applications to the project that was run all across Turkey in years 2012-2013 and we provided employment opportunities for approximately 100 graduated technicians in our hydro electricity and natural gas power plants. And in 2014, with the project performed specifically for Tufanbeyli, 14 technicians have started working in Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant. First two female technicians have also started to work in our Tufanbeyli plant. Our Technician School trainings are provided within a curriculum of 98 different classes by 27 different trainers consisting of our employees such as engineers and managers.