We aim to create value for all the steps of the electricity chain with our market-oriented business models as well as efficiency and technology-based generation investments and competitive strategies. We establish environment-friendly and highly efficient facilities and safely operate them for the continuity of life and sustainable energy. Moreover, we continue to invest in the future via the clean energy we obtain from the new resources. Our aim is to be the preferred in all fields of our business and to create value for our stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the community by exploiting the opportunities within in the industry.

We develop new projects by considering environmental and social factors in our investment decisions and operations. We provide significant contributions to sustainability by means of our efficient and environment-friendly power plants, and carbon reduction opportunities seized through renewable energy and electricity distribution focusing on technology and efficiency.

We ground our operations on three fundamental areas under sustainability approach:

Environment & Community | Education | Energy

In all these three areas, our target is to improve common life quality by introducing improvements and innovations with the highest added value possible, at the regions where we conduct our business. For this purpose, we;

  • Create employment opportunities for many people, especially the local communities in the regions where we construct and operate out power plants, developing various projects contributing to social development in these regions,
  • Contribute to young generations education,
  • Carry out social responsibility projects with the participation of our employees on voluntary basis,
  • Significantly consider introducing local and renewable energy sources into the economy while planning our investments,
  • Implement efficient and environmentally compatible technologies at our power plants and operations, and contribute to the sustainability of growth and to the energy security of Turkey's electricity sector as well, via our product portfolio.
  • Growth and to the energy security of Turkey's electricity sector as well, via our product portfolio.