Particularly by the generation investments made in recent years, our industry have entered into an important breakthrough with the initiation of many projects. At this stage, the use of renewable resources such as wind and sun is very important. Increasing the steps taken to generate using domestic resources and local equipment as well as renewable resources is even more important. Supporting renewable energy and domestic resources such as lignite to sustain investments financially will also be very valuable for reducing the external dependency of our country and for the future of our industry.

We are also focusing on the use of domestic and renewable resources in the generation, taking into consideration of our country's energy needs. We aim to increase our investments and our share in overall energy generation. Beside these business goals, as we always do, we give priority to creating value for our industry and our people.

As the largest private sector generation company, our installed capacity of 3600 megawatts is comprised of: 44 percent natural gas, 37 percent hydroelectric power, 12 percent lignite, 6 percent wind power plants and 1 percent solar power plants. Our share in the established power of Turkey has increased to 4.5 percent and our market share among active private players in the free market has increased to 7.3 percent. In parallel to the growth in the Turkish energy sector, we will invest particularly in energy efficiency, distributed generation and renewable energy in generation industry.

In the upcoming period, we will be directing Enerjisa generation investments more to the consumption points, to flexible and highly efficient generation units, and to the potential of making extensive use of renewable energy sources.