We design our training and development programs by diversifying them in line with different employee profiles and different professional requirements. We offer our employees both occupational and professional development opportunities which support the continuous development in all areas through training programs addressing different segments.

Young Energy

With our development program, Young Energy, we are currently investing the future of our high potential youngs who are in the beginning of their career paths. Young Energy is designed by inspiration of company values and its strategic aims as well as its leadership model.

In our program the aim is to remove the obstacles from performances and potentials of young talents also to support their personal leadership features. To achieve that aim around 1,5 year we give opportunity of awareness trainings, competence trainings, team works, inventory feedbacks , inspirational meetings, talks with leaders and mentorship and more.


With our T.E.A.M. Manager Development Program specifically designed for mid-level managers, we provide support to improve the managerial capabilities of the managers in our company. With these managerial skills, we lead our entire organization to our strategic goals and future, under the leadership of our managers.

Our T.E.A.M. Manager Development Program allows us to share the common company culture by bringing together managers from different levels of seniority who work all over Turkey, as well as managerial development.


Our development program that lasts 1,5 years to support our Plant Leaders and Maintenance Leaders in generation business in accordance with their critical competencies via different training tools.

Technician School

With our "Technician School" project we offer training and employment opportunities specially designed for the energy sector for the young people graduated from vocational high schools or vocational schools of higher education.

Within the frame of the program, we aim to increase the level of technical knowledge of young graduates from vocational high schools or vocational schools of higher education electrical and machinery departments and have no sector experience, and we intend to integrate them into our company.

Young Engineers

Our training & development program that enables us to welcome newly graduated young engineers to our company and also our country with an innovation-focused recruitment process. Young people who are 0-2 years experienced and who have graduated from an experienced electrical & electronics, mechanical or mine engineering department and who are fluent in English can apply for this program which aims at creating a young talent pool, creating a culture of innovation and improving transformation ambassadors inside the company.

Following pre-evaluation and interviews, selected candidates develop projects within the frame of "Engineering Challenge" and share them with our Executives. Candidates who successfully complete the assessments are involved in the Young Engineers program. The young engineers whose training and development continue throughout the program become members of the our company as well.